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Diplomacy or Appeasement?

I am not a fan of Chris Matthews by any stretch of the imagination, but even blowhards can get something right sometimes. Today, he had conservative radio host Kevin James on his show to talk about President Bush’s comment which … Continue reading

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Children’s Rights (Part I)

Yesterday the Diane Rehm Show (on NPR) did a segment on homeschooling. It featured Mike Donnelly (from HSLDA), Rob Reich (associate professor of ethics at Stanford) and Gretchen Roe (homeschool mom and part-time liaison for Calvert School). I have lots … Continue reading

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Faith Restored

I had been not been overly thrilled with the direction that the primary campaign and coverage had been taking lately…mostly getting tired with slew of “resignations” and the “controversy” surrounding them on both sides. Seems as if anyone says anything … Continue reading

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Where’s Ben When You Need Him?

When I read things like this, I really wish that Benjamin Franklin was still around to remind us that: Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. I find it … Continue reading

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Virginia Votes! Are You Still Undecided?

I have been in the Obama camp for awhile now and hope to pull together some of my favorite links and speeches soon. In the meantime and on the eve of the Virginia primary, I thought that I would put … Continue reading

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And Bush Has the Gall to Talk About Fiscal Responsibility

Yup. I watched the State of the Union Speech. And I really want to know what reality Bush is living in. AFSC has just released a new 2 min. video to help people understand the outrageous amount of money that … Continue reading

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Homeschoolers For…

I am sure that by now everyone has seen the news stories on how homeschoolers have propelled Huckabee to national prominence. Just had to add my voice to the growing chorus of homeschoolers…HOMESCHOOLERS ARE NOT ALL OF ONE POLITICAL PARTY … Continue reading

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How To Hold A Real Presidential Debate

I have not had a chance to listen to the whole debate, but I will say, the parts of the NPR Presidential Radio debate I did hear sure impressed me a whole lot more than any of the televised debates … Continue reading

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Children’s Literature and Politics?

There was a really interesting article in Salon this week called Michelle Obama Gets Real in which children’s books plays a key role. There’s time for one more story before Obama has to address the adults gathering in an adjacent … Continue reading

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Gotta Love Virginia Republicans

It appears that if you want vote in the Republican primary in Virginia, you have to promise that you will vote for the Republican nominee in 2008. According to a news article: “The State Board of Elections on Monday approved … Continue reading

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More Reasons I Hate Politics

This cartoon was on and I have to say that it sums up my feelings pretty danged well. The Democrats spent years complaining about how Republicans let good ole GW get everything that he wanted. And yet now that … Continue reading

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Yes, Two Political Posts In A Row

Looks like John Warner is ready to retire. For a Republican, he was not really half bad. I will say that I appreciated his ability to stand up for what he believed in (even if I did not agree with … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Get Into Politics Anymore

I received an update email from NBC Nightly News with this promo about tonight’s broadcast: How well does Illinois Senator Barack Obama get along with his chief rival for the Democratic nomination for President? It’s one of the questions Brian … Continue reading

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Don’t you just love it when…

You are reading a perfectly good interview with a major political candidate for your party and all of sudden you run into a stereotypical portrayal of homeschooling? That is what happened as I was reading this interview with John Edwards … Continue reading

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Virginia Governor Backs Barack Obama

I knew that I liked Virginia Governor Tim Kaine for a reason (ok, many reasons). He just threw his support behind Barack Obama (the first governor other then Illinois to do so). ~Stephanie

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Yup, He’s running!

Well, ok, he’s forming a Presidential Exploratory Committee. The first step towards actually running. Works for me! Check out Barack Obama’s video announcement and come do a happy dance with me. ~Stephanie

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Barack is coming to Virginia again

And I am still kicking myself for not going out and seeing him when he was in Alexandria earlier this past year. Probably won’t make it down to Richmond either, but at least it is nice to know that Virginia … Continue reading

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My apologies for my state (again)

I swear that Virginia is such a mixed bag of worms. We finally elect a Democratic Senator and give the Democrats in the Senate and then one of our Congressmen has to open his big mouth. I don’t get this. … Continue reading

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It might come down to Virginia

I really need to get to bed…but this is getting interesting. Webb (D) is up over Allen (R) by maybe around 1,000-2,000 votes (it just recently flipped…had been 1,000-2,000 in favor of Allen when Jeff went to bed)…however they announced … Continue reading

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Are you a “Red Tribe” or a “Blue Tribe”

This is totally funny…the idea is that lifestyle choices (what kind of beer you choose, where you shop etc) can predict whether you belong to the “red tribe” (republicans) or the “blue tribe” (democrats). Yet again I prove that I … Continue reading

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