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More Rain

Whew. When it rains it pours! We have actually been having quite a nice spring, but today we were completely deluged with over 4 inches. A couple of weekends ago we got 5.5 inches in one day. Our new rain … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday (a day late as usual)

- Stephanie

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Another Benefit of Video Games

Brotherly Tolerance Cooperation  

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Photo Challenge: Self

While I was catching up on my blog reading, this post over at Child’s Play reminded me that I have wanted to try to get back into doing more “Wordless Wednesday” posts. While it is not Wednesday, this challenge by … Continue reading

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Glad to Be Homeschooling Boys

Not June recently had a post, Should Boys Be Homeschooled and then followed it up today with additional comments on Girls Rule? I loved her pictures of her boys learning “in boy fashion” so I thought that I would add … Continue reading

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More Summer Warmth

My surfer boy Can you tell I am finally getting around to editing my pictures?

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Winter Has Arrived!

I have been chilled to the bone lately, so I figured that I could use a reminder of when I was warm! This was taken the day before we left the beach for home. It is one of my favorites … Continue reading

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Another Picture From My Warren House Series

  Don’t you just love those trees? So old and stately. There were several buildings on the property…not sure what this one was…a chicken coop maybe?   Quick Back Update: Doing better today…still have to move fairly slowly and it … Continue reading

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Old Houses

I love photographing old houses. The boys and I are in Ocean City this weekend (they are spending the night at Jack’s for his birthday) and I finally got a chance to stop and take pictures of an old house … Continue reading

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More Pictures from Luray

The scenery in Luray was just gorgeous. Although I know that folks out west probably laugh at our “mountains”, I love our Appalachians. Beautiful. Rolling. Created when North America collided with Africa way back when. The boys got a kick … Continue reading

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Wanna see something cool?

I took this picture at Hain’s Point back in April. The statue is called The Awakening and I really loved this shot of Kyle.   But what makes this picture really cool is the fact that it originally looked like: … Continue reading

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More Reasons Why I Love My Camera

When I took pictures last year at Kyle’s soccer games, they mostly turned out like this:   Hard to even see Kyle (he is in the green shorts). Flash forward to this year and check these out: Amazing what a … Continue reading

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Project 365 – January 18th, 21st and 22nd

January 18th   January 21st   January 22   ~Stephanie

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Project 365 January 15th and 17th

  January 15th Saw this idea on another blog and thought that it was kinda cool. What can you tell about a person from their keys?   January 17th – Gotta love that face!   ~Stephanie

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Project 365 – January 11th and 13th

January 11th – Making Lava for Jason’s birthday cake     January 13th – Sammie   ~Stephanie

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And the answer is:

Yesterday, I joined in on Wisteria’s fun blue challenge and promised you an answer today. Drumroll please….. Yes, a chair. Exciting isn’t it. And actually the chair has a bit of history…it was my mother’s as a child and mine … Continue reading

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Over at Twice Bloomed Wisteria, she had a fun idea to combat midwinter boredom:  Take a close up picture of some ordinary blue household object. Post it and let people guess what it is. I’m game! I’ll post what it … Continue reading

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Project 365 – January 9th and 10th

January 9th Taken with my old camera…Kyle and Kaiya playing Go Fish   January 10th   ~Stephanie

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Project 365 – January 8th

  January 8th Display samples of different bricks by different companies at the National Building Museum. Just thought that it was visually appealing.    ~Stephanie

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Project 365 – January 7th

January 7th – Not much going on other trying to reorganize the boys play room! Moved the guinea pig cage so we have more room.   ~Stephanie

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