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The Great Sunflower Project

A friend just forwarded information about The Great Sunflower Project which looks like a lot of fun. By watching and recording the bees at sunflowers in your garden, you can help us understand the challenges that bees are facing. It … Continue reading

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Fun Optical Illusions Website

Someone on the Living Math email list forwarded a link to, a fun website focusing on optical illusions and patterns. Lots of information about why the illusions work and many have options where you can play around and change … Continue reading

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A Geodesic Experience

One of the advantages to living where we do is the wealth of museums, many of which offer homeschool classes. One such class was the Geodesic Dome class that Jason took at the National Building Museum. This the second class … Continue reading

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Bridge Class

We went to a fun class on Bridges at the National Building Museum this morning. Definitely learned that we should take the metro next time (parking at some places downtown (in Washington DC) is fairly easy to find…not so for … Continue reading

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Real Science 4 Kids

In a comment on Finding Our Rhythm, JoVE asked: Do you have more details about that science program? I’d be interested. Thanks. The science program that we have started to use is called Real Science 4 Kids put out by … Continue reading

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Science Center Pictures

As promised here are some pictures from our trip to the Maryland Science Center yesterday. Kyle loved playing with the “clouds”. He was really cute, doing karate chops and watching the clouds scatter and move. Jason has a thing for … Continue reading

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Bird Watching

We have been having a blast birdwatching down here this year. it is something that I have been meaning to get into more since my MIL gave us Peterson’s Guide to Eastern Birds and my Mom gave us a great … Continue reading

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While the school kids were taking SOLs…

  I keep driving by our local elementary school where they have posted that the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are happening this week. This time of year makes me doubly glad that we are not in school. Jason would be in … Continue reading

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Native Lands

 I thought that I would post more pictures from our time at the Native Lands traveling show. We went last Wednesday with 2 other homeschool families. It was held at Bull Run National Park and gave the kids a chance … Continue reading

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We are loosing our marbles!

As I mentioned yesterday, the boys discovered a marble book and all of a sudden are into all things marbles. So today, Jason wanted to know how marbles are made. What would we do without Google! We found a neat … Continue reading

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