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Cross One Thing Off

I finally get to cross one thing off my “big” to-do list (as opposed to my daily ongoing to-do list). I have finally finished my first Blurb photo book! One of my Christmas presents to our parents was an IOU … Continue reading

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The Great Sunflower Project

A friend just forwarded information about The Great Sunflower Project which looks like a lot of fun. By watching and recording the bees at sunflowers in your garden, you can help us understand the challenges that bees are facing. It … Continue reading

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Audio Books for Kids Resource

I just got an email from my favorite place to buy audio books, Audible, and it looks like they are opening an separate site just for kids audio books, called…wait for it…Audible Kids. It actually looks pretty fun…I can’t tell … Continue reading

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Fun Optical Illusions Website

Someone on the Living Math email list forwarded a link to, a fun website focusing on optical illusions and patterns. Lots of information about why the illusions work and many have options where you can play around and change … Continue reading

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Checking in…

Yes, I am still alive. Just lots of stuff going on in real life. Hope to get back to posting soon. In the meantime, saw this comic in several places and had to laugh out loud. The truth hurts I … Continue reading

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Get In Touch With Your Inner Librarian

I have been reading Unshelved for over a year now and realized that I don’t think I have ever mentioned it here. For book-lovers and wanna-be librarians (like me!) it is a must read. A comic set in a fictitious … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Meme

Meg always seems to find fun memes and I was looking for a good “Valentine’s Day” post, so figured that I would jump in. 1. What is his name? Jeffrey Charles 2. How long have you been together? 21 years … Continue reading

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House Meme

I saw this over at Meg’s at Get In, Hang On and thought that it looked like fun. Plus I needed something quick to post today before I head to bed (still trying to catch up on my sleep!) When … Continue reading

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AmazonMP3 Competes With iTunes

Just read over on Salon’s Machinist blog about how Amazon has opened AmazonMP3 similar to iTunes where you can download songs and albums. One nice difference is that most of their songs are offered cheaper (.89 instead of .99) but … Continue reading

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My friend Rebecca‘s husband has developed a neat new blog widget called NearCircle. It is a way to create a community of related blogs. Kind of like a webring but looks much more interesting and interactive…you can see posts in … Continue reading

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Email Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone

Ok, call me a geek, but this list is hilarious. Gotta love the world in which we live… Hat tip to the LibraryThing blog.

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Discovery Channel DVD Sale

The Discovery Channel is having their semi-annual DVD sale. Hundreds of educational DVDs on sale for up to 75% off and lots of titles for $4.99. Also, if you use code EMAIL07 you get an additional $5 off of a … Continue reading

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My newest guilty pleasure…

I admit it. I love the BBC version of Robin Hood. I had seen the previews about this new (to America…also check out the BBC website) series and thought that the boys would find it fun (what boy does not … Continue reading

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In honor of Friday the 13th…

Ok, so this one really cracked me up for some reason and I just had to share… ~Stephanie

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Do You Know Your States?

Can you name all 50 states in 10 minutes? Give it a try! Oh, and you have to be able to spell them correctly too! I am a bit embarrassed to say that I missed Idaho, Minnesota (only because I … Continue reading

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Tired of getting forwarded emails?

Especially ones that promise good luck or $100 if you don’t “break the link”? Try sending this back as a reply. Thanks to my Mom for the link. ~Stephanie

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Pop vs. Soda

I have spent way too much time poking around this website tonight: Pop vs Soda. Not sure why, but I am finding it fascinating. You can get the stats based on your state and even your county as well. I … Continue reading

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Looking for something to read?

Check out the really neat, fun new tool, Literature Map. You type in the name of a favorite author and a “cloud” of related/similar authors appears. The closer the name is to the chosen author, the more likely you will … Continue reading

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Fun Valentine’s Activities

Making Books for Children has a really cute Valentine Heart book as well as some other neat ideas for Valentine’s Day.  And fun links including the History of Candy Hearts. Of course that means that I really should do something … Continue reading

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And the answer is:

Yesterday, I joined in on Wisteria’s fun blue challenge and promised you an answer today. Drumroll please….. Yes, a chair. Exciting isn’t it. And actually the chair has a bit of history…it was my mother’s as a child and mine … Continue reading

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