In Case You Were Wondering…

where I have been…I have been helping plan this:

VaHomeschoolers Homeschool Enrichment Seminar

Science Museum of Virginia
2500 West Broad Street
Richmond, Virginia


April 26, 2008

There is still time to register online so if you are in the area, be sure to stop by. Walk-ins will be accepted as well.

There is something for everyone for both new and experienced homeschoolers. Speakers will be myself, Celeste Land (VaHomeschoolers Government Affairs Chair), Parrish Mort (VaHomeschoolers Pres) and Jeanne Faulconer (VaHomeschoolers Newsletter editor). I can tell you that my fellow speakers are wonderfully inspirational and definitely worth coming out for.

If you do come out, be sure to grab me during a break and introduce yourself! Most of the fun of these seminars is getting to meet folks in real life. Not to mention the fun we have being surrounded by people who “get” what we are doing and why.

Hope to see you there!

Stephanie (who is still working on getting all her files (including my signature file) moved over to my new laptop and probably won’t have time until after the seminar!)


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I am a homeschooling mom to two sweet, energetic boys although I am probably not exactly what you would expect (definitely NOT your stereotypical homeschooler, if there is really such a thing). I support progressive political causes (yes, liberals can and do homeschool!) and I have found a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist Church. I have no real idea of how I want to use this blog, but will probably focus on homeschooling, things that I am learning from my boys, personal thoughts and opinions and maybe some liberal politics thrown in, who knows!
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