Author Philip Pullman’s Guardian Bookclub Podcast

I have been meaning to post a link to this podcast of a discussion with Philip Pullman for awhile now:

In this month’s Christmas book club, John Mullan turns his attention to Philip Pullman’s expansive, magnificent His Dark Materials trilogy.Listen to the podcast of last night’s book club event, in which Pullman talked about Milton, morality and heading for the Arctic, and answered some searching textual questions from younger audience members.

At over 45 minutes, there is a lot of meat to this discussion…lots of background including how he came up with the idea of daemons (animal representations of a person’s soul) which was one of my favorite concepts (turns out he needed someone for Lyra to talk to in the opening chapter when she is in the closet!)

His Dark Materials is such a wonderful trilogy and one of those gems that I am so glad to have discovered as part of our homeschooling. Philip Pullman is not only a masterful storyteller, but an incredible writer (these two do not always go hand in hand!) The way that he can build the rich world in which Lyra lives (and the other parallel worlds) and the way that he has with words just amazes me. There were times when I would re-read passages just to hear the words again. The audio book is very well done as well (read by the author with a full cast) and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Very refreshing; I think the books are awesome, and so was the movie. I couldn’t believe all the religious freak-out over this. I would have thought, given current political situations around the world, that this series would have resonated with people and confirmed the belief that religion and government should not be mixed. Instead; they freak out because the author is athiest. Anyhow- I’m looking forward to listening, thanks for sharing.