Photo Challenge: Self

While I was catching up on my blog reading, this post over at Child’s Play reminded me that I have wanted to try to get back into doing more “Wordless Wednesday” posts. While it is not Wednesday, this challenge by Mama Podkayne seemed like a great place to start.

I was able to find two pictures…each taken by the boys (which seems appropriate).

Mom and Son

First, one by Kyle, taken two Christmases ago…right after I had gotten my new camera. Kyle had my point and shoot and we were taking turns taking shots.


The Ugly?

The second taken by Jason in December 2001. Hmmm…the story of my life?

 Here is hoping that I can get back in the Wordless Wednesday habit (and maybe actually post it on a Wednesday!)

About throwingmarshmallows

I am a homeschooling mom to two sweet, energetic boys although I am probably not exactly what you would expect (definitely NOT your stereotypical homeschooler, if there is really such a thing). I support progressive political causes (yes, liberals can and do homeschool!) and I have found a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist Church. I have no real idea of how I want to use this blog, but will probably focus on homeschooling, things that I am learning from my boys, personal thoughts and opinions and maybe some liberal politics thrown in, who knows!
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6 Responses to Photo Challenge: Self

  1. childsplay says:

    My wordless Wednesday goal is to make it wordless. As it is, they are usually my lengthiest posts of the week.

    I love random ‘house’ pictures that show a home well lived in. :) Bravo!

  2. Nice! :-) By the way, I LOVE your kitchen. It’s gorgeous.

  3. Kim says:

    Yeah, cleaning up craft mayhem. That looks familiar.

  4. Shez says:

    Thank you for posting that pic of your kitchen! We do all our crafts and most of our schooling in our kitchen and some days I feel like it is a never ending battle to keep even a modicum of order in it. DH and I are trying to understand how children can completely disregard anything that falls to the floor.

    over at homeschooled twins

  5. The first picture is beautiful, but I love the second one in a “hey, I’m not the only one!” kind of way. Such space in that kitchen!

  6. Love your picture and that you shared your real life picture. Happy WW! Stop by and take a look at my spring wild flowers from Sedona, AZ.