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Still Here…I Think…

Although it may not seem it with the lack of blogging lately. The funny thing is that I actually have several things that I want to post on, many of which are relative quickies, yet I still can’t seem to … Continue reading

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The Shortest Day

And so the Shortest Day came and the year died And everywhere down the centuries of the snow-white world Came people singing, dancing, To drive the dark away. They lighted candles in the winter trees; They hung their homes with … Continue reading

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Tis The Season Photoblog

For a wonderful photographic look at this holiday season, check out the Tis the Season Photoblog. They post a new holiday photo each day, sent in by a variety of people. Very nicely done and a great way to treat … Continue reading

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I’m All Out Of Time

I swear that I thought that we had all of next week before Christmas. But we don’t. Christmas eve is on Monday! How did that happen? Just thought that I would give friends and relatives a heads up…nothing is going … Continue reading

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Time to Breathe

I am feeling a bit decadent right now. It is two weeks before Christmas and I am in Ocean City…by myself. I tend to get very stressed around the holidays, so this year I decided to try to take a … Continue reading

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Terry Pratchett News

And unfortunately it is not good news. Terry Pratchett has early onset Alzheimer’s. For those who are not familiar with Terry Pratchett, he is the author of The Wee Free Men and tons of other wonderful books for both kids … Continue reading

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How To Hold A Real Presidential Debate

I have not had a chance to listen to the whole debate, but I will say, the parts of the NPR Presidential Radio debate I did hear sure impressed me a whole lot more than any of the televised debates … Continue reading

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Children’s Literature and Politics?

There was a really interesting article in Salon this week called Michelle Obama Gets Real in which children’s books plays a key role. There’s time for one more story before Obama has to address the adults gathering in an adjacent … Continue reading

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Homeschool Update

Just realized that I have not really talked much about what we have been up to lately. This is mostly for family who might be interested, so feel free to skip if you want! This Fall wound up being really … Continue reading

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