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Gotta Love Virginia Republicans

It appears that if you want vote in the Republican primary in Virginia, you have to promise that you will vote for the Republican nominee in 2008. According to a news article: “The State Board of Elections on Monday approved … Continue reading

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It Is All About the Journey

I was looking for a quote for an article I am writing for the next VaHomeschoolers newsletter and came across the following: Someone has well said, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Happiness is to be found along the … Continue reading

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Hokies: 32 Wahoos: 21

Yippee! The Hokies did not fold in the 4th and we get to take on Boston College again for the ACC Championship! Lots of articles floating around out there…a good summary of the game from ESPN. And more on the … Continue reading


Go Hokies! Beat UVa!

Yup…the Hokies are playing the Wahoos tomorrow. Both teams are 9-2 and this could mean the ACC Championship. Looks like the game is getting a fair amount of coverage…even an article in the Washington Post! We’ll be heading back from … Continue reading

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It Really Is Not That Strange, Is It?

Conversation with the boys last week after the car came back from the mechanics: K: Mom! What happened? M: What do you mean? J: The car is…<gulp>…clean! Argh!! Noooo! Yes, my boys have a sense of humor. Or they are … Continue reading

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Who Is Dav Pilkey’s Favorite Teacher?

Watch this video to find out! I think that most homeschoolers will really appreciate this one. I will say that Dav Pilkey has a special place in my heart…his Captain Underpants were the first books that Jason read on his … Continue reading

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Will the World Just Stop For A Moment?

So I can get caught up? That is all that I need. Just a day (well, maybe a little bit more) that does not add to my “things I need to do” list. Watcha think? Can anyone out there arrange … Continue reading

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More Summer Warmth

My surfer boy Can you tell I am finally getting around to editing my pictures?

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Winter Has Arrived!

I have been chilled to the bone lately, so I figured that I could use a reminder of when I was warm! This was taken the day before we left the beach for home. It is one of my favorites … Continue reading

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Learning What is Not Necessary

My post, Learning What is Not Necessary, is up over at Life Without School. Actually it was up a week or so ago and I forgot to mention it! Things have been a bit busy here lately. I am just … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

As promised, here are the Halloween pictures… Carving the pumpkins Yes, Jason now actually puts his hands in the pumpkin! Dad puts on the finishing touches The final results Jason, the Dark Mage (don’t you love the ghost pumpkin?) Kyle … Continue reading

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No Blog Post Today

This is what happens when you schedule a 10am field trip to Mt. Vernon with your homeschool group for the day after Halloween. Crazy, believe me, I know. But in my defense, how was I supposed to remember that November … Continue reading

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