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Our Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

This year marks the 10th year that we have made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch (yes, we started when Jason was 10 months old! I will have to try to scan in some of the pictures as this … Continue reading

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What We Were Up To In March 2003

I was going through some of my old emails and found a folder where I had stored “The Elms Boys Updates” that I had written years ago before I had my blog. Talk about memories! Wow. It may be a … Continue reading

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Yea! Halloween Won’t Be Ruined!

Some background…the boys had very specific ideas of what they wanted to be for Halloween. Jason wanted to be a Mage (a type of wizard) and Kyle wanted to be a Ranger (an archer) from Runescape (an online fantasy game … Continue reading

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Another Picture From My Warren House Series

  Don’t you just love those trees? So old and stately. There were several buildings on the property…not sure what this one was…a chicken coop maybe?   Quick Back Update: Doing better today…still have to move fairly slowly and it … Continue reading

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It Is One Of Those Things You Use All The Time…

Yet never really, truly appreciate. Your back. Yup. I threw my back out on Sunday. It was bothering me some before I drove home from Ocean City but seemed to get better overnight. Then last night, it went. I could … Continue reading

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Old Houses

I love photographing old houses. The boys and I are in Ocean City this weekend (they are spending the night at Jack’s for his birthday) and I finally got a chance to stop and take pictures of an old house … Continue reading

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Time Is A Homeschoolers Best Friend

My new post is up over at Life Without School: I have found that if my child is struggling with a concept then he either is not developmentally ready to learn it or I am not presenting it in a … Continue reading

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Want To Feel Good About Your Body?

I found links on Broadsheet to a whole host of articles with before and after photos of magazine covers. It seems that Photoshop retouching has taken on a life of its own. Check out these before and after photos of … Continue reading

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E.B. White Quote

I saw this quote in someone’s signature line: I get up every morning determined to both change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning my day difficult. – E. B. White

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More Reasons I Hate Politics

This cartoon was on and I have to say that it sums up my feelings pretty danged well. The Democrats spent years complaining about how Republicans let good ole GW get everything that he wanted. And yet now that … Continue reading

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Teachers Snuggling?

This article popped up in my google alerts. It is actually not about homeschooling, but about virtual charter schools. But this quote jumped out at me: State Sen. Jimmy Jeffress, (D-Crossett), a member of the Senate Education Committee, said rural … Continue reading

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Look, quick!

Because there is no way that it will stay this way… I finally got part of the boy’s “game room” organized and cleaned up. I had decided before the summer that I desperately needed something to help me organize the … Continue reading

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More Pictures from Luray

The scenery in Luray was just gorgeous. Although I know that folks out west probably laugh at our “mountains”, I love our Appalachians. Beautiful. Rolling. Created when North America collided with Africa way back when. The boys got a kick … Continue reading

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And We Did Not Even Get Lost

On Thursday, we took an overnight trip to Luray Caverns with our homeschool boys club. Neither I nor the boys had ever been (although it has been on my list of places to visit for ages) and we had just … Continue reading

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A Morning Person Living a Night Person’s Life

I had a realization this summer. I am a morning person. Not sure why I did not really realize this before. I like being up early. There is something peaceful about being up before daylight, in the quiet morning. I … Continue reading

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