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Fun at the National Book Festival

Can I just say for a moment that I am really enjoying having “older” kids? I was not sure what to expect when the boys and I headed out to the National Book Festival today. They seemed excited about seeing … Continue reading

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AmazonMP3 Competes With iTunes

Just read over on Salon’s Machinist blog about how Amazon has opened AmazonMP3 similar to iTunes where you can download songs and albums. One nice difference is that most of their songs are offered cheaper (.89 instead of .99) but … Continue reading

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5 Minds for the Future

I was listening to Howard Gardner talking on NPR about his new book, Five Minds for the Future. According to the review on Amazon: Psychologist, author and Harvard professor Gardner (Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons) has put together a thought-provoking, visionary … Continue reading

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Yes, Two Political Posts In A Row

Looks like John Warner is ready to retire. For a Republican, he was not really half bad. I will say that I appreciated his ability to stand up for what he believed in (even if I did not agree with … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Get Into Politics Anymore

I received an update email from NBC Nightly News with this promo about tonight’s broadcast: How well does Illinois Senator Barack Obama get along with his chief rival for the Democratic nomination for President? It’s one of the questions Brian … Continue reading

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Mystery Solved

I first heard the Throwing Marshmallows quote after which this blog is named when I was reading the bulletin boards years ago. I loved it and asked the author if I could use it as my signature line. She … Continue reading

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My New Post Over at Life Without School

I am slipping behind in my blog reading…I forgot to mention that I had a new post over at Life Without School last week. It is called How Can You Learn If You Can’t Read and is a re-worked version … Continue reading

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It Is Amazing What You Forget

When you are gone for almost 3 months. The first thing is the traffic! I had forgotten what it is like to drive up around here. I got a bit spoiled down in Ocean City…yes, it gets crowded on the … Continue reading

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My friend Rebecca‘s husband has developed a neat new blog widget called NearCircle. It is a way to create a community of related blogs. Kind of like a webring but looks much more interesting and interactive…you can see posts in … Continue reading

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We’re Home!

Made it back today, a little later thanks to not being able to find Lapis (one of our cats) when we were ready to leave. But we are home nonetheless. It is nice to be home, although we will definitely … Continue reading

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Trashing Teens

This interesting Psychology Today interview was forwarded to one of my homeschool lists. In it, psychologist Robert Epstein talks about his new book The Case Against Adolescence. He has some interesting things to say about why many teens have the … Continue reading

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Email Addresses It Would Be Really Annoying to Give Out Over the Phone

Ok, call me a geek, but this list is hilarious. Gotta love the world in which we live… Hat tip to the LibraryThing blog.

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One Of The Hardest Things About Spending the Summer At The Beach…

Is deciding when to come home! (I know, I know…life is rough!) While I absolutely love the time after Labor Day at the beach (no tourists!), I also start feeling the pull to head home. Usually I let the weather … Continue reading

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