Not 1 but 2…

Kyle lost two teeth today! My Dad (who also has a place in Ocean City) had taken the boys to do a special Pirate Ship cruise this afternoon (which, according to them was loads of fun and included finding lost treasure, pirate grog and having water canon fights) and then headed over to his pool for a quick dip. Somehow one of Kyle’s loose teeth finally fell out (it had been getting really loose for awhile now). While he was chewing on a paper towel, the second tooth fell out!

He is very excited. I am a bit sad, as one of the teeth that fell out was his fused tooth…this was one of his first teeth to come in and it is actually 2 baby teeth fused together. I remember as it was coming in when he was around 6 months old, I thought that it was 2 teeth coming in at the same time. It looks like just one tooth has come in to take its place.

This was his second and third tooth lost naturally. The new bottom tooth has already mostly come in. He is now missing both his top front teeth. Really, really cute. No picture yet, but I will post one soon.

Kyle was wondering if because his fused tooth was actually two teeth if the tooth fairy would bring him $2 for it instead of $1…he doesn’t miss an angle does he?

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3 Responses to Not 1 but 2…

  1. Smart kid! *LOL* That is exciting. James recently lost 2 teeth in one day, too. Double loot!

  2. Robin says:

    Oh, I say it’s definitely a two-fer!
    That pirate cruise sounds really fun!

  3. floridamom says:

    I hope the tooth fairy was good to him!

    Dennis lost his two front teeth within hours of one another when he was six. One came out that night before he went to bed, the other at breakfast the next day.

    Just this past week, he lost his bottom canines in two days, then one of his premolars a few days later.