Trader Joes Paper Bags

Anyone else notice the change that Trader Joes made with their paper bags? They are a couple of inches shorter then traditional paper bags. Which makes sense since you could never really pack a bag completely to the top without risking it breaking.

Seems like a neat way to save some trees (and money for TJs I am assuming too!) Of course cloth bags are the best way to go, but sometimes it is easy to forget!

For those not familiar with TJs, they are a specialty grocery store  that has good prices on good quality food (lots of organic options and healthy ingredients (no artificial colorings, etc)). I really like that you can buy healthier frozen meals and healthier versions of favorites. Lots of great stuff.

So kudos to TJs for thinking outside the box (or should that be bag?)


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One Response to Trader Joes Paper Bags

  1. When I was there last week, I saw a sign that said if you use their re-usable cloth bags or bring back your paper bags to use again, they will enter your name in a drawing for a free bag of groceries! Neato!