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Study Shows That Kids Can Add and Subtract Without Arithmetic

This article in Scientific American got my attention when I was  searching to see if Scientific American has a kids magazine (I can’t seem to find one…anyone know?) Seems that they have done a study that shows that “young children … Continue reading

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My newest guilty pleasure…

I admit it. I love the BBC version of Robin Hood. I had seen the previews about this new (to America…also check out the BBC website) series and thought that the boys would find it fun (what boy does not … Continue reading

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WooHoo! I am Back!

Did you miss me? All of was down because the webhost decided to change the terms of service on Andrea and Ron and turned it off with no notice! Oh, and if that was not bad enough, it got … Continue reading

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Wanna see something cool?

I took this picture at Hain’s Point back in April. The statue is called The Awakening and I really loved this shot of Kyle.   But what makes this picture really cool is the fact that it originally looked like: … Continue reading

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Jason’s New Specs

Yes, Jason has glasses! Turns out he is a bit farsighted and needs them for reading. Our eye doctor said that it was border line and our call as to whether to get the glasses. Jason’s eyes are compensating to … Continue reading

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Trader Joes Paper Bags

Anyone else notice the change that Trader Joes made with their paper bags? They are a couple of inches shorter then traditional paper bags. Which makes sense since you could never really pack a bag completely to the top without … Continue reading

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More Reasons Why I Love My Camera

When I took pictures last year at Kyle’s soccer games, they mostly turned out like this:   Hard to even see Kyle (he is in the green shorts). Flash forward to this year and check these out: Amazing what a … Continue reading

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Thinking Blogger and more…

I just had a chance to check in and see who was linking to Throwing Marshmallows lately and wound up finding a couple of really wonderful surprises. First to Kimmy over at shimmer.glimpse (how cool is that for a blog … Continue reading

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