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Support for Dr. Steger and Chief Flinchum and more on the media

Just passing on the word about a petition that is being put together in support of Dr. Steger and Chief Flinchum. I personally feel that the media has been overly critical about what could have been done. I fully support … Continue reading

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Support Without Strings

On a local homeschool list, a message came through with the subject “Prayer for VT…and they took prayers out of schools! It’s back now!”. To which I responded: Can we please remember that although I do believe that we all … Continue reading

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Blaming the Victim

Well, we are still digesting this whole event. And it still seems unfathomable. One thing that I will say is that it is very disheartening to hear all the second guessing/monday morning quarterbacking going on. Especially in the media. They … Continue reading

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Orange and Maroon Effect Day – Friday April 20th

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Sad Day for My Alma Mater

I am totally floored by this. I have been watching coverage all day trying to get a grasp on this. I can’t tell you how upsetting it is to see the places that I know so well being swarmed with … Continue reading

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In honor of Friday the 13th…

Ok, so this one really cracked me up for some reason and I just had to share… ~Stephanie

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Mistaken for Wahoos…

Got a call from the University of Virginia tonight looking for Mr. Elms. When I told her that he was not here, she wanted to know a better time to call. Wondering why on earth UVA would be calling us, … Continue reading

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Homeschool Blog Awards

The Homeschool Blog Awards nominations have been posted. And to my surprise Throwing Marshmallows has been nominated in 3 categories: Best Homeschool Mom Blog, Live What You Believe, and Best Unschooling or Eclectic Blog. Thanks to those who nominated me…whoever … Continue reading

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Don’t you just love it when…

You are reading a perfectly good interview with a major political candidate for your party and all of sudden you run into a stereotypical portrayal of homeschooling? That is what happened as I was reading this interview with John Edwards … Continue reading

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The Ratastrophe Catastrophe (Illmoor Chronicles) – a review by Jason

The Ratastrophe Catastrophe (Book 1 in the Illmoor Chronicles) Jason’s Rating: Book Hall of Fame (highest) Summary It is based on the Pied Piper of Hamlein. Basically, here’s how the Piper got his powers. Supposedly there is this dark magic … Continue reading

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Frontiers of Mythology

I was reading Rick Riordan’s blog this morning (Rick is the author of Lightening Thief, one of the boys favorites). He posted a speech that he made at the annual conference for the Federation of Children’s Book Groups at Worth … Continue reading

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Do You Know Your States?

Can you name all 50 states in 10 minutes? Give it a try! Oh, and you have to be able to spell them correctly too! I am a bit embarrassed to say that I missed Idaho, Minnesota (only because I … Continue reading

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