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Really Stupid Things The Elms Boys Argue About #2

In our ongoing series of RSTTEBAA (Really Stupid Things The Elms Boys Argue About – you can read the initial installment here) I give you this offering. In preparation for a visit from my in-laws this weekend, I asked the … Continue reading

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Another benefit of homeschooling

I get to miss rush hour traffic! Twice in the past week I had to be out on Northern Virginia traffic during rush hour. I swear, I really had forgotten how bad it can be! Of course, I guess that … Continue reading

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Politics Should Not Affect What and How Our Kids Learn (Part 2)

OK, so it took me a little while to finally add to my previous post on Politics and Kids Learning but I knew that I would find the inspiration sometime. In Mother Readers’ Thoughtful Thursday post (yes, I am a … Continue reading

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Tired of getting forwarded emails?

Especially ones that promise good luck or $100 if you don’t “break the link”? Try sending this back as a reply. Thanks to my Mom for the link. ~Stephanie

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Pop vs. Soda

I have spent way too much time poking around this website tonight: Pop vs Soda. Not sure why, but I am finding it fascinating. You can get the stats based on your state and even your county as well. I … Continue reading

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Looking for something to read?

Check out the really neat, fun new tool, Literature Map. You type in the name of a favorite author and a “cloud” of related/similar authors appears. The closer the name is to the chosen author, the more likely you will … Continue reading

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Nope, not the “deadly sin” greed. The dice game Greed! Julie on the Living Math email list (which is an awesome resource for teaching math) forwarded this link to Greed and the boys and I have been having fun playing. … Continue reading

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Yes, another Ellie Update…

I’m back! I promise to start writing about homeschooling soon…but just a few quick updates on Ellie. And more pictures! We had her groomed and they had to cut her really short (that is what happens when you don’t brush … Continue reading

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See you after the weekend…

I will be out of town at a friend’s house (where there is only dial up – egads!) so I am not sure how much online time I will have. The boys and Jeff are going to have a great … Continue reading

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If you get an unhousebroken dog…

I highly suggest that you not get one in winter! Still working on getting into a routine here and I have to say that the weather is not helping. First a snowstorm, then 2 days of rain and mud and … Continue reading

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