Should have known better…

then to shop for winter boots in February. Went to two stores today and all we could find was sandals.

This is one of the drawbacks of living in Virginia…we have occasional bouts of heavy snow, but most of the time do not get much. So you buy boots and maybe wear them once or twice. Up until the last couple of weeks it had been a really warm winter. Of course the last couple of weeks have been really cold but we have only had maybe half an inch of snow.

We are supposed to be hit tomorrow so I figured that I should get Jason a pair of boots (Kyle’s from last year still fit). Should have known better. Let’s hope that it is not as bad as they are saying.

Oh, and that noise you are hearing? That is all my Canadian friends laughing like crazy…


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5 Responses to Should have known better…

  1. Yes, I know what you mean by the laughter in the background! My aunt called me last week – she lives outside Denver – and there was no point talking about our VA weather. She’s had several *feet* of snow in her yard continuously since the first blizzard in December.

  2. JoVE says:

    Okay, I’ll stop laughing long enough to give advice. For walking in teh snow, particularly when it isn’t that cold (like down to -10C/10F or even probably down to 0F), hiking boots work well. Particularly with wool socks. You can buy those year round.

    For playing in the snow, you also need protection from getting wet from melting snow. I’d say rubber boots that are a bit big with warm wool socks would be fine. Or those nice loopy inside socks they sell for hiking. You don’t want the thick socks to make the boots tight as tight boots are cold.

    Splash pants over regular pants (with long underwear or tights underneath if really cold) work as well as snow pants for wind and wet protection.

    And lots of elderly women in Canada wear sneakers outside in the winter. Better traction.

  3. Thanks Jo for the suggestions. Sneakers worked fine luckily. We did not get too much (the grass was not really covered) and it was very icy. So they went out for a little while but did not spend hours out there.

  4. Dana says:

    Well, we aren’t experiencing snow in Texas, but it is a lot colder than usual. My dd needed a coat in December, and we couldn’t find any! We ended up getting one my niece had outgrown, even though my dd doesn’t like it. Next year, I’ll remember to buy a coat in Oct or Nov, whether we need it or not. :-)

  5. Jamie says:

    What’s even crazier, is that here in ~COLD~ Michigan all you can find right now are sandals in the shoe stores, too. Let’s all give thanks for Lands’ End!