Do Homeschooled Kids “Miss Out”?

My answer may surprise you! I have a new post up over at Life Without School.

Our kids are missing out on things by not being in school. Good teachers, interesting projects, unique, positive experiences that can only happen in a school environment. While some schools do have their downsides, they also have their upsides. I have heard of some teachers and school-based programs that make me a little jealous and cause me to have brief doubts about what I am doing with my kids.

But what I keep coming back around to is that kids in school are missing out on just as many great things by not being homeschooled. My kids have the opportunity to experience many things that kids in school never will.


About throwingmarshmallows

I am a homeschooling mom to two sweet, energetic boys although I am probably not exactly what you would expect (definitely NOT your stereotypical homeschooler, if there is really such a thing). I support progressive political causes (yes, liberals can and do homeschool!) and I have found a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist Church. I have no real idea of how I want to use this blog, but will probably focus on homeschooling, things that I am learning from my boys, personal thoughts and opinions and maybe some liberal politics thrown in, who knows!
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2 Responses to Do Homeschooled Kids “Miss Out”?

  1. Excellent point! When I was homeschooled people would ask me if I missed school dances (actually, I went to some with friends/boyfriends lol), being with other kids all day, extra-curricular activities, etc. I’d just say that there were other things I get to do that definitely make up for what I am “missing.” Once LeAnn Rimes was on Oprah and Oprah said in a horrified voice something about missing out on the school experience since LeAnn was being homeschooled. LeAnn Rimes’s response was basically but look at what I get to do instead!

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