Barack is coming to Virginia again

And I am still kicking myself for not going out and seeing him when he was in Alexandria earlier this past year. Probably won’t make it down to Richmond either, but at least it is nice to know that Virginia is in play now.

Barack will be attending the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner in February. And he just wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post about how Congress has not gone far enough with ethics reform:

┬áThat’s why it’s not enough to just change the players. We have to change the game.

Americans put their faith in Democrats because they want us to restore their faith in government — and that means more than window dressing when it comes to ethics reform.

I know that I am an idealist. And I know that many people say that being an idealist is not practical and does not really work in the “real world”. But I also believe that idealism is important and there is a time and place for it. I honestly believe that after what we have been through and where politics has taken us lately, that we need someone like Barack.

He may not have tons of experience, but he is incredibly smart and I have no doubt that he would surround himself with the people with the experience and who can give him the information he needs. He certainly can’t do any worse then our current president. One of Barack’s key strengths is that he knows how to listen and he can see both sides of most issues. This alone would be an improvement over what we have today.

He has the ideas and willingness to work for the betterment of our country. He has a vision for what this country could be and should stand for which is more then I can say for most politicians.

It will be an interesting year, that is for sure.


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5 Responses to Barack is coming to Virginia again

  1. Thought you might be interested to know that there is a rumor going around in Blacksburg that he may visit Virginia Tech sometime in the near future. It might be just a pipe dream, but it would be really neat if it turns out to be true.

  2. Nina says:

    Stephaine-I so agree with you. He may not have enough experience but he would do whatever it took to bring the US back in favor with the rest of the world. He truly loves this country. Wouldn’t it be great to have such a dynamic leader.

  3. I have been so impressed with him to date. I’m hopeful that Obama might be just the positive change that the USA is in need of right now. Interesting to note, though, while he was here in Hawaii he was able to golf a couple of times without even being recognized. Hopefully his name/face will become very recognizable over the next months.

  4. M.Elston says:

    I’m from Il. and have taken the chance to check out Obama three times in person, in his very short political career. I have come to the conclusion that, in spite of what the idealists think, he does not have the political experience, savvy, nor discernment to do what this country needs in ’08. When he is not well scripted and polished up for a photo op, he seems a little lost. I asked him a pointed question about his opinion on something that matters very much in our state, which he currently represents, and he answered with a pre-rehearsed statement that was a complete non-sequitur – then was hustled off by his handlers. Maybe in ’16, if he matures, but no sooner. ~M.E.

  5. floridamom says:

    I think Obama is great too, and would love to hear him speak. But you know, you Virginians have a great new senator in Webb. Did you hear (or read) what he said yesterday at the hearings? He pulls no punches, and is not afraid to speak the truth. It’s nice to finally see some backbone in Congress again.