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Project 365 – January 9th and 10th

January 9th Taken with my old camera…Kyle and Kaiya playing Go Fish   January 10th   ~Stephanie

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Bone – A Review by Jason

Jason got the first three books in the Bone graphic novel series by Jeff Smith for Christmas. He absolutely devoured them (I have enjoyed them too!) and we followed up by getting the next two. Here is his review. Rating … Continue reading

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Inkheart, The Movie

Inkheart is one of our favorite books…I love it as much as the boys! We have listened to it on cd and it is so wonderfully done. Inkheart is about a bookbinder, Mo, who discovers that he can read characters … Continue reading

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I am more unique then I thought…

At least with my married name: Stephanie Elms There are: 5 people with my name in the U.S.A. How many have your name? Not quite as unique (but still not too common) with my given name: Stephanie Hoffmann … Continue reading

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Do Homeschooled Kids “Miss Out”?

My answer may surprise you! I have a new post up over at Life Without School. Our kids are missing out on things by not being in school. Good teachers, interesting projects, unique, positive experiences that can only happen in … Continue reading

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Life is catching up with me…

I hope to get back into regular posting soon…things are just a bit hectic right now. Lots to talk about, but not enough time in the day. Still keeping up with Project 365 and hoping to at least get a … Continue reading

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Yup, He’s running!

Well, ok, he’s forming a Presidential Exploratory Committee. The first step towards actually running. Works for me! Check out Barack Obama’s video announcement and come do a happy dance with me. ~Stephanie

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16: Children’s Fantasy Meme

It has been another busy day, so I thought that I would post this meme that I found on Big A little a.  Looks like I have some more reading to do… The rules: Mark the selections you have read … Continue reading

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Jason’s 10th Birthday Party

Yes, I know. Jason’s birthday was last month. But we put his kid birthday party off until today so that his best friend from Ocean City could make it up. Jason has done laser tag for the past 3 years … Continue reading

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Great Child’s Lit Resources

Christine wrote in the comments from my last post I love surprises: Just out of curiosity, how do you find all of these author blogs/websites, etc? Do you just google authors you like? Is there a website that lists stuff … Continue reading

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I love surprises…

I love surprises. Especially a surprise that should not have been a surprise! A couple of months ago, I responded to a request by author Bruce Hale (writes the really funny Chet Gecko mysteries…one of Jason’s favorite series). He posted … Continue reading

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Project 365 – January 8th

  January 8th Display samples of different bricks by different companies at the National Building Museum. Just thought that it was visually appealing.    ~Stephanie

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Project 365 – January 7th

January 7th – Not much going on other trying to reorganize the boys play room! Moved the guinea pig cage so we have more room.   ~Stephanie

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Bridge Class

We went to a fun class on Bridges at the National Building Museum this morning. Definitely learned that we should take the metro next time (parking at some places downtown (in Washington DC) is fairly easy to find…not so for … Continue reading

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Too much to blog about today…

And it is stretching my left-brainedness…you see I want each post to have a general focus (makes more sense for categorizing and if I want to refer back to it…) and this one is going to be all over the … Continue reading

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Barack is coming to Virginia again

And I am still kicking myself for not going out and seeing him when he was in Alexandria earlier this past year. Probably won’t make it down to Richmond either, but at least it is nice to know that Virginia … Continue reading

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Project 365 – January 4th and 6th

Yup, missed the 5th. I have been having a lot of fun lugging my big ‘ ole DSLR around with me though. I definitely get more comments then I did when I pulled out my small point and shoot. Have … Continue reading

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Fun with new photo software

I have recently started playing around with google’s Picasa and have been having a lot of fun! It is no photoshop, but for right now, it is just what I need. Not to mention that it is free! I had … Continue reading

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Gotta love those “socialization” conversations

Kyle started a new homeschool class offered by our local nature center today. While there, I talked a little bit with the woman who worked the front desk and mentioned how great I thought that it was that the nature … Continue reading

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Project 365 – January 1 – 3

January 1st (actually December 31st…shhh…don’t tell!) New Years at the beach is beautiful!       January 2nd I took this as we were packing getting ready to come home. I love the lighting.       January 3rd Owly … Continue reading

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