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No post today…

I have to go recover from watching the Virginia Tech Hokies implode in the Peach Bowl (sorry…can’t bring myself to call it the Chik-Fil-A Bowl). One benefit of becoming a Hokie Fan in the late ’80s…we are more conditioned to … Continue reading

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Great Source for Getting Horrible Books

Those of you whose kids like the Horrible books such as Horrible Histories, Horrible Science, Horrible Geography, Dead Famous, and Murderous Maths know that they can be hard to find over here in the U.S. Well, that is no longer … Continue reading

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Posts in at Life Without School and Carnival of Homeschooling!

I have two posts up this week. The first is over at Life Without School and is called Who’s In Charge. All about my take on child-led learning and why it seems to be such a touchy issue. It seems … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Hope that everyone had a very happy holiday! After struggling to get into the “spirit of the season” this December, it finally felt like Christmas this weekend. It was nice having Jeff home (Christmas should always fall on … Continue reading

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Fixing Right-brained Learners?

Cindy over at Apple Stars has a thought provoking post about Creating Value for the Right Brained Learner. In it she talks about how many of the things that you read about r-b learners, while acknowledging their strengths are still … Continue reading

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My apologies for my state (again)

I swear that Virginia is such a mixed bag of worms. We finally elect a Democratic Senator and give the Democrats in the Senate and then one of our Congressmen has to open his big mouth. I don’t get this. … Continue reading

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Putting Kids in a Box

Steph left this comment on my last post:  The human brain is incredibly complicated. We categorize things because that enables us to understand them. But as Christine mentioned (in the first comment) no one fits tidily into a box. I … Continue reading

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Can Visual-Spatial Learners Have Strong Auditory Skills?

This seems to be a question that comes up often, mainly, I think, because the term “auditory-sequential” is used as the “opposite” of visual-spatial. Which seems to imply that visual-spatial kids do not have strong auditory skills. In fact, there … Continue reading

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More fun with Children’s Book Authors

So Kyle and I were checking out Mo Willems blog when I remembered that MotherReader (gosh, she is going to think that I am stalking her like she stalks Mo Willems now…two blog references in two days…) also had a … Continue reading

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Exciting Weekend

Whew. I survived I think. This weekend was the weekend this holiday season. Seemed like everything decided to converge all at once. Started out on Saturday with going to karate. Kyle had tested for his yellow belt-one stripe and we … Continue reading

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Kyle’s Favorite Author has a Blog!

I just read over on MotherReader that Mo Willems has a blog! What fun. He is the author of the incredibly funny Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (and various other Pigeon Books like Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog) … Continue reading

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Cool Christmas Light Display

OK, so it is late and I really want to get some sleep (ok, what I really want to do is comment on the ongoing right brained learner conversations going on here at HSJ, but I really need my sleep!) … Continue reading

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More on right-brained/visual-spatial learners

But not from me! Oh no, I am way to busy trying to survive the holidays. In December I just try to hunker down and make it through (I don’t do the holidays well for a variety of reasons). Luckily … Continue reading

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Cute Kyle Quote

Said when looking for a snack to tide him over before dinner: Mommy…I need something to appetize me! Gotta love those 6 year olds! ~Stephanie

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Comics, Comics and More Comics

Well, I can blame it all on Lissa. She wrote this great post about comics and happened to mention Mouse Guard. I have been looking for books that might grab Jason’s attention and comic/graphic novels are definitely up his alley … Continue reading

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Another plug for my favorite kids magazine

If you are looking for a great Christmas gift, be sure to check out the Moo Cow Fan Club magazine. I have written about this wonderfully created kids magazine that has no advertising and no commercial/pop culture tie ins many … Continue reading

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You know you are from Virginia

Some of these seem more Northern Virginia oriented, but I have to say that I got a real kick out of them. Thanks to Heather for sending these to me! You know you’re from Virginia if.. Speed limits are just … Continue reading

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Can I rave about my new computer bag?

I finally got the Crumpler Computer bag for my laptop that I have been waiting for (I got the “The Luncheon”) and can I just say that I absolutely love it? I had a nice enough leather bag for my … Continue reading

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Unschooling Voices #6 is up!

Check it out! Lots of fun ideas for activities and things to do with your kids. And yes, yours truly actually remembered to submit something this time… Enjoy! ~Stephanie

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Homeschooling on BlogTalkRadio

Shannon from PhatMommy will be a guest on BlogTalkRadio this Tuesday night (December 5th)  to discuss homeschooling. The show description is as follows: School Your Children Well: We’re talking about tot yoga, college-prep preschool, homeschooling v public school… Featuring Alex … Continue reading

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