Act!vated Storytellers

HEM has a great interview with the Act!vated Storytellers in this month’s Guide to Resources. They are a family of storytellers who travel all over the country performing. They also do weekly podcasts.

I was just going to post something about them because we have been listening to their podcasts in the car lately and the boys have been really enjoying them. You can subscribe to their weekly podcasts through iTunes and download them to listen on your computer or on your iPod.

Their stories include tall tales like Hansel and Gretel, tall tales like Johnny Appleseed, real tales like Suduko and the 1,000 Cranes and tons of other great stories. Really well done.

Definitely check them out!


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  1. They were part of a reading group I ran for a couple years. Since they’re on the road all the time, you can imagine that they get a lot of reading done! They travel with a small library, lol, and not just because they’re homeschoolers. Kimberly’s son has such a cool name – Zephyr. Great people to know!

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