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Unschooling Goes to College

Cindy has a post up over at Life Without School called Unschooling Goes to College about her oldest son, Eric’s first experience with community college classes after being unschooled. I love to read about older homeschoolers…gives me reassurances that this … Continue reading

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Great Homeschool Resource:

I found at the beginning of this year and have found it to be an absolutely wonderful math resource. From the website: I want to build a bridge. I’d like to close the gap between math and history, science, … Continue reading

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My Drive with David Albert

Chalk one up for being in the right place at the right time. David Albert (extremely popular and successful homeschool author, columnist, and speaker) was speaking in Fredericksburg this evening. I decided to battle rush hour traffic and catch his … Continue reading

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A Different Take on Gift Cards

Heather over at CamianAcademy wrote a post about how she does not enjoy the trend towards giving gift cards and feels that “There’s just something intensely impersonal about a gift card.”. While I can see her point (and know several … Continue reading

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Holiday Shopping for Homeschoolers

Thought that I would take a minute to re-post about a few of my favorite online shopping places…these sites offer items that have that great combination of being both really fun as well as being “educational”. Definitely not your mainstream … Continue reading

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My new post over at Life Without School

I have a new post up over at Life Without School called The Curriculum Question.  I usually try to reassure new homeschoolers that they do not need to “get it right” the first time…and that in all likelihood they won’t! … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope that it was a good one…we are stuffed! ~Stephanie

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Promo for OOTP (Harry Potter 5)

The buzz is starting for the next HarryPotter movie, Order of the Phoenix, due out in July. You can find an HBO Sneak Peak as well as the movie trailer at the HPANA site. Jason was totally thrilled and now … Continue reading

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Act!vated Storytellers

HEM has a great interview with the Act!vated Storytellers in this month’s Guide to Resources. They are a family of storytellers who travel all over the country performing. They also do weekly podcasts. I was just going to post something … Continue reading

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I need more hours in the day…

Lots of interesting stuff going on in the Virginia homeschool community lately so I have been spending a lot of my online time on my email lists…which means that I have not had much time to post here! For those … Continue reading

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Technology Today Part II

I wrote a post a few days ago about how cool it was that I was able to find the name and then download Sting’s incredible new album, Songs from the Labyrinth all in less then 20 minutes and without … Continue reading

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What we are up to

Things are still moving along. I am trying to squeeze in enough time to do everything that I want to…not enough hours in the day. We seem to be back on track as far as not being quite so over … Continue reading

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Unschooling Voices #5 is Up!

Check it out. Some good reading over there. The topic this month was finding support. One of my Life Without School posts is included. Enjoy! ~Stephanie

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It might come down to Virginia

I really need to get to bed…but this is getting interesting. Webb (D) is up over Allen (R) by maybe around 1,000-2,000 votes (it just recently flipped…had been 1,000-2,000 in favor of Allen when Jeff went to bed)…however they announced … Continue reading

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Are you a “Red Tribe” or a “Blue Tribe”

This is totally funny…the idea is that lifestyle choices (what kind of beer you choose, where you shop etc) can predict whether you belong to the “red tribe” (republicans) or the “blue tribe” (democrats). Yet again I prove that I … Continue reading

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Please Vote Tuesday (special note to Virginia voters)

In case anyone forgets, Tuesday is election day across the US. And I have to say that I will be very happy to have it done with finally! Being in Northern Virginia, we have been hit by television ads for … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Throwing Marshmallows!

I knew that I was going to forget it! My blog anniversary was actually back on October 30th, but better late then never. And who knew when I posted this a year ago, that I would still be enjoying writing … Continue reading

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What we are reading

We have been into some good books lately, so I figured that I would mention them… In the car, we have been listening to The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The boys absolutely love it. As in we sit in … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

The boys had a blast as usual. It is late, so I will just post a few pictures…Jason was a black night and Kyle was a Phoenix Ninja (which is completely different then the Silver Ninja he was last year, … Continue reading

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