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Technology Today

Still trying to figure out if the all the technology we have in this day and age is a good thing or not. But I have to say that it is pretty cool most times. After all, it makes this … Continue reading

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Eye Opening Video on Beauty

Check out this Dove video that is making the rounds. I knew that all photos of models were re-touched to get rid of blemishes and whatnot. I did not really realize that they actually change the features (enlarge the eyes … Continue reading

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10 Random Things

Steph over at A Room of Her Own tagged me for this one. I was looking for something fun to blog about (I have a bunch of things floating around in my mind but nothing gelling) and I think that … Continue reading

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Cute Things Kids Say

Kyle (6 years old) has come up with a few cute ones lately. When looking for something to snack on the other day: “I need something to appetize me.” And while cheering Jason on as he plays around with Line … Continue reading

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Hitting That Wall

Well, it is official. We have hit the wall. I had been very conscious about not scheduling us for too many ongoing activities. However, what I forgot was that over-scheduling can occur from too many “one-time” activities. For the past … Continue reading

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Poor Kyle…

On the way back from the beach on Monday (I know, I know, I forgot to tell you we were there this weekend!) Kyle fell and hit his mouth hard. So hard that it knocked his upper front tooth out. … Continue reading

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Over on the Digital Photography School flickr group, Darren proposed a “class assignment” on Alternative Composition. It can be amazing how much a different perspective can effect a photograph. Folks have been posting great examples of this and I thought … Continue reading

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What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

OK…so I found this one over on KineticEnergy and thought that it was fun: Your Linguistic Profile: 50% General American English 25% Yankee 20% Dixie 0% Midwestern 0% Upper Midwestern What Kind of American English Do You Speak? And I … Continue reading

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Just in time for Halloween

My mom just sent me this link to a really cool Halloween Hangman Game. Jason has recently been wanting to play hangman so I think that he really will enjoy this. I was playing it for awhile and started to … Continue reading

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Awesome Version of Pachelbel’s Canon and Gique in D

Pachelbel’s Canon is one of my favorite pieces and I have been listening to this version  over and over all day. When you are listening, be sure to watch his fingers…it is incredible. Now if I can just get this … Continue reading

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Our Last Day at the Beach

OK, so we have been home for about a month already, but I never posted about our last day at the beach. So better late then never! We ended up having an absolutely beautiful day. It had been cold and … Continue reading

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Educational Emergencies

My friend Shay Seaborne likes to say this and I find myself using it quite a bit when talking to new homeschoolers: There is no such thing as an educational emergency. Just a reminder to remember to relax and that … Continue reading

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Old Friends

Just got back from a reunion for my high school band. I only live about an hour away from where I went to high school, but decided to crash at my friend Denise’s house for the weekend anyways. Three other … Continue reading

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Knowing When To Push

A new post of mine was up over at Life Without School a few days ago called Knowing When to Push. It is about the challenge of finding the balance between letting kids learn things on their own time and … Continue reading

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Real Science 4 Kids

In a comment on Finding Our Rhythm, JoVE asked: Do you have more details about that science program? I’d be interested. Thanks. The science program that we have started to use is called Real Science 4 Kids put out by … Continue reading

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Unschooling Voices #4 is Up!

Check out the newest Unschooling Voices #4. The monthly topic is unschooling math and it looks like there are some great ideas. ~Stephanie Tags: Unschooling Voices, Math

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Mama Says Om: Fall

I recently discovered a fun blog called Mama Says Om. They pick a theme each week and your post something about the theme…writing, art, photography, whatever moves you. Sounded like fun so I decided to give it a shot. There … Continue reading

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Finding Our Rhythm

Now that we have finally been home for a little while, it seems as if our days are slowly starting to find their rhythm. Not sure what it is this year, but I really feel like things are coming together … Continue reading

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