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Not Sure What To Call This

I missed Wordless Wednesday (again!) but decided to post this anyways. I took this picture while playing miniature golf with the boys in Ocean City, Maryland. The golf place had an Aztec theme with a great temple. Gotta love the … Continue reading

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Still In Love

Ha! And you thought that this was going to be a post about Jeff….nope! Not this time anyways… This is a post about…politics! Yes politics. I have to admit that I am not overly enthused overall with the Democrats. Don’t … Continue reading

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Our Williamsburg Trip

As I mentioned earlier, we took a trip to Williamsburg earlier this week. A local homeschool group (REACH for those of you who are local) coordinated getting a substantial homeschool discount at the Great Wolf Lodge (a lodge and indoor … Continue reading

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Kids Having Time To Find Their Own Way

There have a been a couple of great posts on Life Without School lately about how kids if given time and space and encouragement really blossom. I love reading posts about older homeschooled kids and the paths they carve for … Continue reading

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Squished Penny Tip #2

If possible, use pennies minted before 1982. In 1982, the Treasury started making pennies with a higher zinc (and lower copper) content. According to the Penny Collector Website: Serious collectors will use pennies minted prior to 1982 because after 1982 … Continue reading

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Squished Penny Tip #1

Always keep a small bag of pre-1982 pennies (and quarters) in your purse. You never know when you might need them. Ok, so this is a better tip for women squishers then men. I learned the hard way about this … Continue reading

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One of those wonderful days

OK, I was going to post about our trip to Williamsburg, but I have not had time to download the pictures yet and we ended up having a really fun, comfortable, easy going day today. So I want to record … Continue reading

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Whew! Lots of fun in Williamsburg

Had a great time in Colonial Williamsburg today. And then more time at the waterpark. I have lots of great pictures and hope to have more time to post tomorrow. I am beat and am determined to get to bed … Continue reading

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Busy, Busy, Busy

Oh my! We come back from the beach and just jump right in. What was I thinking! This week has been a whirlwind and it does not look like it is going to slow down for at least another few … Continue reading

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VaHomeschoolers Free Homeschool to College Seminar

If you are going to be in the Northern Virginia area on Monday, be sure to stop by! ~Stephanie VaHomeschoolers Free Homeschool to College Seminar A limited number of seats are still available for the Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers FREE … Continue reading

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Science Center Pictures

As promised here are some pictures from our trip to the Maryland Science Center yesterday. Kyle loved playing with the “clouds”. He was really cute, doing karate chops and watching the clouds scatter and move. Jason has a thing for … Continue reading

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Fun Day at the Science Museum (got to squish some pennies!)

I hope to post pictures soon, but just had to say that we had a blast at the free Homeschool Day at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. Drove up with Kathi and her kids and met up with Joanna … Continue reading

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It Is Weird To See Myself Quoted

Another artcle came out about the VaHomeschoolers Conference. This one was in the Midlothian Exchange (in Chesterfield County, outside of Richmond), Taking Charge of Education. I was really impressed that she got the law stuff right! So often newspaper accounts … Continue reading

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We Made It Home!

We decided to not go to Baltimore on Friday before heading home and that was probably a good choice. It took me way longer to finish packing up everything then I thought (isn’t that always the case?). As it was, … Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday

Good Bye Lazy Days of Summer

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Begger Your Neighbor

I love card games. And we discovered a new one this week: Begger Your Neighbor. I had picked up The Book of Cards for Kids card game book at Fun Books while at the VaHomeschoolers Conference and we have been … Continue reading

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Decision Made

Well, I have been going back and forth on when we would be coming home from the beach for the fall. And have decided that Friday will be the day! Our OC friends Joanna and Spirit are planning a trip … Continue reading

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The Morning After

I talked a little bit about how Ernesto decided to pay us a unexpected visit and that we were not sure what was going to happen overnight. Luckily we woke to find that the bay had decided to stay in … Continue reading

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I have not been watching the news much this summer. But I did hear that Ernesto was coming ashore so I figured that I should probably check and see where it was headed. I watched the news Thursday evening and … Continue reading

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Unschooling Voices #3 is up!

Check out Unschooling Voices #3! Looks like an interesting group of posts…I wish it was not so late so I could check them out tonight. But I need to be good and get some sleep… Keep your fingers crossed that … Continue reading

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