The Boys vs the Puffer Fish

Kites on the beach

I took this picture last year on the beach and I love it. This was outside The Kite Shop on 5th street…they put out tons of different kites each day. Big kites. Little kites. Traditional kites. Unique kites.

I may have posted this before, but I want to start highlighting some of my favorite pictures of the boys. There is something about the scale of the kite to the boys that I really like.

About throwingmarshmallows

I am a homeschooling mom to two sweet, energetic boys although I am probably not exactly what you would expect (definitely NOT your stereotypical homeschooler, if there is really such a thing). I support progressive political causes (yes, liberals can and do homeschool!) and I have found a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist Church. I have no real idea of how I want to use this blog, but will probably focus on homeschooling, things that I am learning from my boys, personal thoughts and opinions and maybe some liberal politics thrown in, who knows!
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2 Responses to The Boys vs the Puffer Fish

  1. Carrie K. says:

    That thing’s a kite? That’s huge!

  2. willa says:

    Wow, that is quite a picture!