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New post on Deschooling on LWOS

There is a great new post about deschooling over on LWOS…about how it is even more important for the parents to do the deschooling! Being socialized to institutional public schools brings on certain thought patterns and emotional responses that need … Continue reading

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More on LibraryThing

The Wall Street Journal had a great article on LibraryThing the other day. Now they are scrambling to deal with the increased traffic! I really, really love when you find a labor of love that takes off and become a … Continue reading

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Hey! We finally got some rain tonight!

Hehehe. My friends back in good ole’ Northern Va are going to kill me for this one! While they have been socked in with torrential downpours all week, we have been basking in wonderful upper 70 degree weather. Slightly overcast, … Continue reading

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Advice for Potential Homeschool Newbies

I tell people that starting to homeschool is like having a baby…there is no “right” time. You can read all the books and think you are prepared, but you just don’t know what you are in for until you take … Continue reading

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This. Is. So. Cool. Ok, I admit it. I am a total geek. I can not tell you how excited I am over finding LibraryThing. I love libraries. I think they are the best invention since…well I don’t know what. … Continue reading

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My Interview with NPR

There were some emails going around my groups about an NPR intern who was doing a story on unschooling and looking for unschoolers to talk with. I figure what the hey, I might as well give him a call! Turns … Continue reading

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Luck vs. Skill

The boys and I were playing Cinq-o today which was a lot of fun and reassured me that Jason’s adding and multiplication facts are still progressing. Jason was leading at first with me really far behind. Then I got a … Continue reading

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I took this picture a couple weeks ago while we were at a nature center program. I took several from different angles (one reason I love digital cameras…no worry about “wasting” film!) and this one is my favorite. ~Steph

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My Photography

Reading Confessions of a Pioneer Woman has inspired me to start taking pictures again. She periodically posts really cool pictures that she has taken and it reminded me that I really enjoy photography and have not been doing much with it … Continue reading

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Country Fair 4 is posted

Looks like Doc has a great line-up for Country Fair # 4. Check it out. The Country Fair is a great place to find new homeschool blogs and it is fun to read everyone’s different take on this wonderful thing we … Continue reading

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Our Beach House

I mentioned earlier that we have relocated down to Ocean City Maryland for the duration of the summer. I thought that I would give you a small taste of what it is like down here (and please, don’t hate me … Continue reading

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Animal School

I have seen this story in many variations and wanted to capture it here. I think that it really captures the potential problems with treating all kids “equally” rather then individually. This version is by R.H. Reeves, as quoted in the … Continue reading

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Interesting conversations!

Steph over at A Room of My Own has added her thoughts to the conversation I raised in On Being Ready. I started to respond over there, but my reply got a bit long, so I figured that I would move it over … Continue reading

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Off for the Beach!

Well, I think that we are ready to go. Mostly packed, although I am sure that I will be scrambling a bit tomorrow to get everything in the car. For those who don’t know, we (the boys and I) are … Continue reading

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Learning Snippets

This is a recreation of the post I lost the other night…I had the boys re-tell their stories, which they thoroughly enjoyed. The idea was to record some of the small snippets of learning that happened throughout the day. These … Continue reading

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Unschooling Carnival

Joanne over at A Day in Our Lives is hosting an Unschooling Carnival. Basically interested people send in a blog post about unschooling and she will compile them and post them on July 1st. Sounds like a fun way to … Continue reading

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I had a great post almost finished (complete with really cute short (and goofy) stories written by the boys and I lost it! Arghh! I am not sure what happened. I tried to use the new spell check from HSJ … Continue reading

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The Isolated Homeschooler

I originally posted this on Life Without School but wanted to save it here as well. I hope that you don’t mind reading it again if you have already seen it! The Isolated Homeschooler One of the more common arguments against … Continue reading

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On Being Ready

Every so often a discussion comes up on one of my homeschool email list about things that kids must learn. I find these discussions very interesting. Recently, on Homeschooling Creatively, talk turned to the learning of multiplication tables. One mom … Continue reading

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Big News!

My car is back in the garage!! No, not the mechanics, our garage. Our two car garage that for over a year has not had room to park any cars. Ok, so it is not world peace, but pretty dang … Continue reading

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