Looks like they found me…

The spammers I mean. Sigh. Not sure why they all of a sudden found me but they have. I have installed spam karma II which hopefully will help. I guess that we will see. Andrea or Don…if you see this, I will definitely take you up on getting a copy of your blacklist.

I also have re-set my comments so that only people who have an approved comment will be able to post without having to have their comments approved. So I apologize to my family and friends but as soon as you post your first comment, you will be able to comment without going through this extra step.

Does anyone actually go to these sites posted by spammers? I can not imagine that this is an effective marketing technique….


About throwingmarshmallows

I am a homeschooling mom to two sweet, energetic boys although I am probably not exactly what you would expect (definitely NOT your stereotypical homeschooler, if there is really such a thing). I support progressive political causes (yes, liberals can and do homeschool!) and I have found a spiritual home in the Unitarian Universalist Church. I have no real idea of how I want to use this blog, but will probably focus on homeschooling, things that I am learning from my boys, personal thoughts and opinions and maybe some liberal politics thrown in, who knows!
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7 Responses to Looks like they found me…

  1. Carrie K. says:

    Steph –
    if you log in to your admin site and click on the Options tab, there’s a tab called Discussion. Click on that and then scroll down to where it says Comment Moderation. There’s a link that says “Common Spam Words”. Click on that and then highlight and copy the list that comes up. Click on back and then paste it into the text box under Comment Moderation or the one under Comment Blacklist. Comment Moderation will hold the comments containing those words until you approve or delete them. Comment Blacklist will deny any comments that include those words. I added a few of my own words to filter out any of the spam from those lovely adult sites.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Ooh. Cool. I missed that when I was poking around. Thanks so much for the tip!


  3. Ugh, I thought email spam was a pain. Now we have to worry about spamming on blogs, too? How tedious this spamming junk has become! I hope this fixes it for you.

  4. Ron says:

    The objective of the spam is the hope of getting their site to show up in search engine results. To a degree, the search engines rely on the number of links to a site to determine where to place it in search results. That’s why they don’t care whether the content of the comment makes sense. The only thing they are trying to accomplish is to get their link to be embedded in your blog.

  5. And I added a big long blacklist to your site. Hope it helps!

  6. Thanks Ron…that makes more sense now. They are playing the link game. Geesh. Still a pain in the neck…they are obviously not looking at customer satisfaction with this whole thing.

    And thanks Andrea for the blacklist info. I will go check it out…


  7. COD says:

    However, I believe WordPress, MT, and all the major applications by default append the [no follow] tag to links in comments. That tag tells the search engines to not index the link, thus rendering the spam effort a complete and total waste of time for everybody – spammers included.

    I’m more and more convinced hat spamming has become a MLM type of thing and really exists to sell more “How to get rich by spamming” kits to the unsuspecting masses.