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My Grandmother

My Grandmother died last night. We knew that it was coming, but it still seemed to go way faster then we expected. A year ago, at 82, my Grandmother was diagnosed with liver cancer. This took us all by surprise as … Continue reading

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We are off to Homeschool Camp!

We are off! We are heading about an hour north outside of Frederick, MD to Rhubarb Jam’s Homeschool camp. It looks to be a lot of fun (we have never been before, but are going with the Wilkinsons, our homeschool … Continue reading

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Answers to all those pesky homeschooling questions we get

Natalie over on Homeschool Cafe has a great post on Silencing Homeschool Critics Without Statistics. She makes the point that you do not need facts and figures and “proof”, sometimes all you need to do is ask a question or … Continue reading

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New author over at Life Without School

There is a new post over on Life Without School by new featured author Cyndie Kimball. Check out her first post…I love the parallels she draws between homeschooling and learning to spin spin yarn. Good things to think about. ~Steph

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More baby stuff

Found another notebook with more “baby moments”.  This time for Jason…going really far back. It is fun to remember Jason “back then” and now see him as a 9 year old…hard to believe sometimes. Also makes me wish that I … Continue reading

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Homeschooling in the News

My friend Barb and her family were highlighted in this tv news piece on unschooling. Be sure to click on “Leaving Normal School Behind” to see the news clip. Barb and her boys did a wonderful job at representing homeschoolers. I … Continue reading

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Hampster Dance

OK, so this is kind of goofy, but the first time we saw Hampster Dance we all just about died laughing. I came across it again, so I figured that I would save it here. I think I liked it … Continue reading

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Life’s Simple Pleasures – Socks

Yes, I said socks. I love my new socks. I have been on a search for comfortable, thick, long lasting socks for quite awhile now. I hate really thin socks…they make my shoes feel hard and uncomfortable and don’t keep … Continue reading

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While the school kids were taking SOLs…

  I keep driving by our local elementary school where they have posted that the Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are happening this week. This time of year makes me doubly glad that we are not in school. Jason would be in … Continue reading

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Homeschool Country Fair

My Sheltering Kids post is included in this go around of the homeschool Country Fair. This is the first time I have done something like this…it is a fun concept…basically people submit their homeschool-related blog posts and the organizers put … Continue reading

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Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Found another great author! I picked up The Conch Bearer on tape for us to listen to in the car and we really enjoyed it. Set in India, it is about a boy who winds up being chosen as the … Continue reading

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A Blast from the Past

I was going through an old notebook and found that I had written down some cute things that they boys had said or done when they were little. Since I am worried that I will most likely loose the book … Continue reading

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I have a post up over at Life Without School

Life Without School is featuring my Great Lesson to Re-learn post. Please check it out! It will be up for a couple of days until they post the next one. LWoS is a fun group homeschooling blog that talks about the … Continue reading

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Looks like they found me…

The spammers I mean. Sigh. Not sure why they all of a sudden found me but they have. I have installed spam karma II which hopefully will help. I guess that we will see. Andrea or Don…if you see this, … Continue reading

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Really cool commercial

Check out this really cool car commercial – very Rube Goldberg-ish. The boys found it fascinating. I remember seeing this a couple of years ago, but had forgotten about it. You can read more about how they did it on … Continue reading

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Native Lands

 I thought that I would post more pictures from our time at the Native Lands traveling show. We went last Wednesday with 2 other homeschool families. It was held at Bull Run National Park and gave the kids a chance … Continue reading

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Getting back into the swing of things

Still have a major cough and not as much energy, but starting to feel a bit more normal. We had a fun, relaxed day where things just sort of flowed very nicely. We got up and moving this morning and … Continue reading

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Sickie Update

Good news. Kyle is feeling much better. Still a bit stuffy, mostly from allergies now I think. He is back running around like his old self.  Bad news. I still feel awful. Why is it that they boys are laid … Continue reading

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