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The times are a changin’

My friend Marjorie posted this on her Unclimber blog. Someone has compared the 1961 and 1991 versions of Richard Scarry’s “The Best Wordbook Ever”. I got a real kick out of this as I remember my brother really liking them. … Continue reading

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Simple Machines

I love my homeschooling email lists. You never know what neat thing you will come across. The Edheads website was posted on the Baltimore/Washington Home Educators list and the boys and I had a lot of fun with it this … Continue reading

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with Jason yesterday. All in all we enjoyed it. They obviously had to cut a lot and change some parts of it, but we knew that going in and I … Continue reading

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Greetings from Virginia Beach

We made it! All in all the trip was not bad…I spent the day packing and mowing the lawn (had to get those leaves now since we are going to be gone a week…I cringe to think of how many … Continue reading

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Breaking dishes

Why is it, when you break a plate, it is never the one that already has a chip?? Rare day today…the boys were over at a friend’s house and Jeff is on a “guy’s weekend” so I was in the … Continue reading

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I never thought this would work

But it has! A few weeks back, completely out of frustration with the amount of name calling going on, I told the boys that we had a new house rule. That anytime you called someone a name, it bounced off … Continue reading

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More on reading

As I mentioned earlier, Kyle wants to learn to read, so we have started using 100EZ lessons. I wasn’t 100% sure that he was quite ready yet but I figured that it couldn’t hurt to give it a try. We … Continue reading

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We are loosing our marbles!

As I mentioned yesterday, the boys discovered a marble book and all of a sudden are into all things marbles. So today, Jason wanted to know how marbles are made. What would we do without Google! We found a neat … Continue reading

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Nothing to do days

It is really nice to have a nothing to do day…no classes, doctor’s appointments, no places to be. It has worked out that Fridays are our only totally “free” day. And people worry about my kids being stuck in the … Continue reading

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Right brained learner links

As I have mentioned before, Jason is a right brained learner (also known as a visual/spatial learner). The realization of this was a huge turning point in our homeschooling journey. It totally changed (for the better) the way that I … Continue reading

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The results are in….

Well, Virginians did not take the bait of negative campaigning – they rejected Republican Kilgore and elected Kaine (52% to 46%). Yea! I can breath a bit easier. Hopefully that will make future politicians think twice about negative campaigning. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Election day in Virginia

Well, it is election day. Virginians are in the process of choosing their governor, lt. governor and attorney general and some state representatives. I have to say I have been really appalled at the negative campaigning by the republicans…way too … Continue reading

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Great time in Annapolis

Yesterday we had a doctor’s appointment in Annapolis (an hour away) and instead of coming straight home we decided to spend some time down on the city dock. Talk about bringing back memories! I spent the summers of my college … Continue reading

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By Jove I think he’s got it

OK…So being a right brained learner, Jason is not good with rote memorization. It just is not one of his strengths and it frustrates him. So I have been looking for ways to help him with his math facts. He … Continue reading

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The write motivation

This afternoon Jason came to me and asked me for paper and a pencil. After I picked myself up off the floor (this is the kid who has never, and I mean never written anything unless asked to and who … Continue reading

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How Kyle is learning to read

The first memory I have of Kyle and books when he was about 6 months old and I had this moment of realization that I was not reading to him! Jason had loved books at that age and I felt … Continue reading

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How Jason learned to read

When Jason was younger, I never really set out to “teach him to read”. But he has always liked books and being read to so we did that a lot. He loved board books starting at around 6 months. We … Continue reading

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Beautiful fall day

Today was absolutely beautiful! Spent a lot of it raking and mowing the lawn. I actually do like doing yard work when I have the time (need to work on finding the time more!). It can be very zen for … Continue reading

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My first letter to the editor

This past September, someone wrote a letter to the editor in a Fredricksburg newspaper. While I definitely get and appreciate the sentiment of this, this was not a message on an email list between homeschoolers, this was a public letter … Continue reading

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